Re: [gardeners] peach trees (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 22:53:37 +0000

Bob Moody asked:
> what do you use for bore worms!please let me know
My old Taylor's recommends treatment in the fall with 
paradichlorobenzene, placed in a small trench, a ring an inch and a 
half away from the trunk. The crystals are covered with soil 
which is then packed. They suggest one half to one and a half ounces 
per tree depending on size. It warns that trees under 3 yrs of age 
can be harmed by this.
Could find no reference of what to do this time of year.  Since this 
is peach territory, I'll phonel one of the growers in the 
morning and ask him. If he has a suggestion, I'lll post it. Good 
luck. Pat