Re: [gardeners] polarizing filter

penny x stamm (
Fri, 1 May 1998 14:17:12 -0400

Akshally, Kay, my question was not properly phrased. I have used
the polarizing filter for years, particularly when I wanted to shoot 
a landscape picture with handsome clouds. 

My question should have been: Lee Ann, were you recommending 
that I try the UV filter or the polarizing filter? 

It sounds strange, but we have neither a Walmart nor a K-mart in
this area. I could order special film from a custom lab -- he did get 
me some special Kodak film, awhile back.  Shall have a talk with 



>oops... their consumer film is usually easy to find at Walmart and
>Kmart and such... Reala and their other pro films usually have to be
>ordered, I find.
>> I do have a UV filter in front of my lens. That's not what you were
>> talking about, is it Lee Ann...? 
>nope.  A polarizer has two pieces of glass in a rotating mount.  You
>screw it to the front of the lens, then rotate the second glass until
>you get rid of the reflections or darken the sky, or do any of the
>other polarizing tricks you're trying to do.

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