Re: [gardeners] Epazote

Marianne Lepa (
Thu, 07 May 1998 16:45:38 -0400

At 08:49 PM 5/4/98, you wrote:
>Hurrah, my epazote did come up finally. Identified the little seedlings
>today while I was doing a little clean-up weeding. Almost pulled them
>thinking, with my bad eyesight, that they were knot weed. Then I noticed
>the notched leaves and realized what it really was. I've got about a dozen
>plants growing so we'll see if they are perennials here in SW Louisiana or
>not. When I lived in Corpus Christi, Texas they were perennials there. Now
>we add some flavor to the dried beans.

I'm still waiting on mine George...I've forgotten when I started them.
Something has come up in that pot, no true leaves yet but it has a reddish
stem whereas the 'weeds' coming up elsewhere in that potting mix have a
green stem. Have I got epazote do you think?