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George Shirley (
Thu, 07 May 1998 15:09:47

At 12:26 PM 5/7/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Whoooo.  Its been really hot here in the PNW for the last couple of weeks.  
>Temps in the 70s and 80s everyday and no rain in sight.  We may be looking 
>at a horrendous fire season if theres no more rain before summer.

Sorta the same here in the Upper Gulf, aka Southwest Loosyanna. Less than
an inch of rain since March 16, definitely out of the ordinary. The piney
woods will burn this summer if care is not taken with tossed out cigarette
butts and trash fires.

>I've been spending my mornings working on my garden.  This week I 
>prepared the soil and planted 40 lbs of potatoes, 20 lbs of Yukons, and 5
>each Red Ponitacs, Norland Reds, Kennebec and Russet Burbanks.  I've also 
>been getting the new strawberry beds preped.  I planted 100 strawberry 
>plants this morning, 50 Honeye and 50 Ft. Laramie.  Next is to get the 
>potatoes mulched and plant some walla walla sweet onion plants.

65 lbs of taters! Gawd, we don't eat that many taters in a year. Of course
we don't have a horde of hungry boys either. It seems so strange, here on
the 7th of May, to hear other gardeners ARE JUST NOW PLANTING. Isn't it
amazing how we get accustomed to our zone, our gardens, our way of living
and planting! Although I like the idea that I had a New Zealand spinach,
swiss chard, radish, herbs, and tomato salad for lunch - all out of this
spring garden - lightly tossed with a nice herbal vinegar. You can stuff a
few of those Walla Walla sweets in the A drive when they get ripe Terry,
always room for those or Vidalias or Texas 1015Y's.

>The spinach and onions I planted from seeds a month or so ago are doing 
>great and are about 2" tall.  The roses and raspberries are all leafed out.  
>My older apple tree is blooming and the bartlett pear and winsap apple are 
>about to break bud.  I'm hoping that the winesap blooms in the next day or 
>so while the other tree is blooming so I might have some apples this year!

The only reason I would ever move to the PNW, other than the good people of
course, fruit trees and vinyards. I have high hopes for my new fruit trees
for next year. The kumquat, pear, and pluot are leafing out good while the
aprium seems to just sit there. Not sure what's wrong with it. The fig tree
is setting figs now and so are the raspberries, just a few weeks more to
harvest at least one variety of blueberries.

>This is such weird weather for April and May and the plants are growing so 
>quickly that everything has gotten way ahead of me.

Went to the chiropractor this morning and got my back and hips adjusted and
then back to sit on a small stool and try to pull a few little weeds and
then lean on the hoe and check other growing things. Hope you will have a
great garden this year Terry and all of you other folks too.

>Hope all is well with everyone!
>Terry King                  North Central Eastern Washington
>        USDA zone 4, Sunset Zone 1
All is well in my universe, Terry. My daughter and her children are coming
over Sunday so we're gonna cook hot dogs outside to make
cheese/chili/relish/onion/everything else dogs, my grandchildren's favorite
summertime meal and, if the truth is known, mine too. Life is good.