[gardeners] Taste and smell

Matt Trahan (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 11 May 1998 22:13:33 -0400

>George wrote:
> Nope, can't
>grow mangoes either, or I say we can't, haven't seen any growing around
>here and I don't care for them anyway. I do have a one year old papaya
>growing and hope, if able to save it another year, to get fruit from it. I
>do like papaya.

Hi, was just thinking about taste and smell in different people. I can't
even remember what a really fresh mango taste's like. My sister came to
visit us while we lived in Hawaii. A few months after she was back in
Massachuessettes, she called and said all the pineapples she could get
locally were terrible. Not bad tasting, just no taste. Just like January
tomatos from California.
 The mangos at our local supermarket are just as bad. :-(

 I thought it was interesting that you like papaya instead. To me papaya
tasted like chugging a bottle of cheap perfume. :-p
 but I hope you're able to enjoy yours next year  <VBG>

 A friend of ours was mentioning the 'awful' smell of their astilbe's this
morning. I went and sniffed them, and they smelled as nice as holly or that
damned weed privet. Kind of nice, not really overpowering or cloying. Not
really too interesting for that matter, just sort of there.

 Russian Olive (a very fragrant evergreen Eleagnus) seems to produce the
same love it/hate it reaction in different people.
 And why do all these plants seem to be compared to cat urine by the people
who dislike them? I know what a litter box smells like before it's cleaned,
and this isn't it.

 Ever smell a shasta daisey? Take a good wiff of those pretty flowers. ;-)
 I was amazed. Didn't discover it till last year when a friend played that
one on me. It never occured to me before, I never grew them in our garden,
and I never got that close to them in other people's gardens. They were
always at the back of the border. Woof!

 Hope you all enjoy your rest today.

Matt Trahan  <matttrahan@ecsu.campus.mci.net>
USDA zone 8, Sunset zone 31, AHS heat zone 7, northeastern N.C.

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