Re: [gardeners] Smokey Gulf Coast?

George Shirley (
Wed, 13 May 1998 13:33:15

At 11:05 AM 5/13/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I heard last night that there was a high level pollution alert for the
>Gulf Coast because of terrible fires in Mexico and Guatamala.  You and Miz 
>Anne doin' alright?
>Terry King                  North Central Eastern Washington
>        USDA zone 4, Sunset Zone 1
We have a high haze going at the moment but other than the neighbors bbq
pit I can't smell any smoke. My daughter, north of Houston, says they have
smoke laying down around the house enough to warrant staying indoors. Also
said the school where she teaches is keeping the kids in off the
playground. Suspect we will get it worse in a few days if it doesn't rain.
El Nino/La Nina, one or the other, is giving us near drought conditions at
the moment. No appreciable rainfall since March 16, 1998, an unusual
situation for us. We're having to water the plants, something we seldom
have to do. 

Thanks for thinking of us.

George and Anne plus Sleepy Dawg
George M. Shirley WSO-CSM/CSSD