[gardeners] Plant sale

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 14 May 1998 09:33:35

Pulled in the drive way at about 9:00am and was met by Miz Anne who said
stay in the car, we're going to a garage sale. Went over on the next street
to a sale at a home with beautiful gardens. We had been admiring these
gardens for several years but had neglected to stop and introduce
ourselves. We corrected that mistake today. This garage sale was nothing
but plants, all kinds of plants, plants we had to have, plants that made us
salivate, plants that were beautiful. You know the kind, plants you don't
have but want.

Anyway, bought a large Pineapple sage for a buck fifty, a large clump of
Lemon Grass for a buck (the stores here don't stock it and I'm to tight to
have it sent by mail), a large Cymbidium orchid for $5.00, two really nice
bromeliads for $3.00 each. To top that off the lady said come back next
week and I'll share some other stuff with you. She's got some society
garlic that looks really nice and offered me a clump, I'm gonna give her
some Walking Iris she doesn't have. We'll wander their backyard and make
some more swaps. Their backyard is what I'm shooting for, nothing but
raised bed gardens with walks in between. Flowers, herbs, veggies,
perennials, annuals, fruit trees, garden statuary, birdhouses, really neat

This was the kinda sale I really like. So, the lady and I are gonna split
an order of 4 inch plastic pots as we neither need 4 or 5 hundred of that
size but could use half that many.

Gotta go, got a bonus from a client this morning and I'm off to the garden
center to buy that statue of St. Fiacre I've been lusting after.

George M. Shirley WSO-CSM/CSSD