Re: [gardeners] The price of rocks

George Shirley (
Sun, 17 May 1998 08:07:54

At 05:36 AM 5/17/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>>George, who bought a round volcanic rock today, about 12 inches in
>>>diameter, for 5 bucks. Don't laugh, there are no rocks in Louisiana unless
>>>they're imported.
>>Thanks, George.  Let me know what the good father says  :-).  I know what
>>mean about the rocks!!  :-D  LOL.  We don't have them either!  :-)
>Just chiming in to let you know that in Northern Michigan, (where you can't
>walk a yard without stubbing a toe on a rock), we buy them all the time.
>There are rocks, then there are Rocks.  I must admit, I have a couple of
>big piles of rocks that come up with the rototiller, but they are mostly
>non-descript gray rocks.  I like to buy cool rocks.  We Michiganders are
>the ones you'll find in the "Seashell Factory" spending money too!
>Cynthia (Who resides in the only state that you can find true Petosky stones)
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>** **USDA zone 4b-Sunset zone 41**
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Okay, here's the deal. Miz Anne and I have a fairly extensive seashell
collection numbering in the thousands. Some are fairly rare, some are
common, some are never seen in the US because they come from a restricted
area of the Middle East.  Ship me a ton of your non-descript grey rocks and
I will ship you 10 lbs of rare seashells. <BSEG> Sound fair? If so, would
you like to buy a bridge with a railing on both sides that depicts paired
flintlock pistols?