Re: [gardeners] locust

penny x stamm (
Sun, 24 May 1998 02:58:15 -0400

Hi, Barb -- it's hard to believe that it's hot enuff for you to
have cicadas -- we're still wearing sweaters in the daytime shade,
and the nights are about 42*. 

Your cats are inside pets, aren't they? So that cannot be the 
reason why your yard is not inundated. 

Years ago we had two big sweet cherry trees. My daughter ran over 
the Black Tartarian with the tractor, but the Bing managed to get
itself pollinated anyway. As long as we had a dog, the birds and 
squirrels seemed to leave the cherry tree pretty much alone. But
once the dog was gone, we never got anything. 

I came home from a garden tour in England with my Master
Gardeners to discover that Jimmie had planted a lollipop tree in
the yard, or so it appeared. Closer inspection showed that he had
sawed off all the branches in half, because he felt that the tree was
too big. And then he got worried about infection, so he had grabbed 
the nearest can of paint in the garage, and had painted all those
big stumps a bright cherry red enamel! 

I can never leave that man home alone. 

Penny, NY  

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