Re: [gardeners]rainfall

George Shirley (
Mon, 25 May 1998 08:52:15

At 01:30 AM 5/25/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Vaud -- the national statistics I just read said that here near
>New York City we get an average of 11-to-14 inches of rain a year,
>altho nearby Pennsylvania gets 34-1/2 inches! What a strange
>However, last summer on August 22, 1997, nearby New Jersey
>received 13 inches of rain on that one day....  whew! 
>Penny, NY zone 6

No wonder you have to water so much! We get close to 65 inches a year on
wet years and sometimes (1991) 100 inches or more. We're so dry now that
the city has set watering hours for different neighborhoods to keep from
pulling the water pressure down to dangerously low levels for firefighting.
My turn comes about 0900 so I'm getting ready to flood the garden. That
should hold it for another week. 

It's either clouding up to rain or the smoke from Mexico has moved in
again. Certainly hope it's rain although none has been forecast, but,
again, weather forecasting is not what you could call an exact science.

George, who just froze three quart bags of chard and is off to harvest the
NZ Spinach