[gardeners] Feeling old?

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 31 May 1998 21:00:11 -0400

The sudden heat and humidity today knocked us both for a
loop. I'm ready to spend the summer in Alaska!  We had 
Marco here for the day, and in between the Political Science
lectures which he feeds us, we did manage to get some 
difficult work done. He has his Master's dissertation this week,
and then will graduate -- for a peasant from Panama, as he
calls himself, he's come a long way ....  The subject of this
talk will be: Los Disaparidos, the missing persons from 
Argentina, Chile and Guatemala. It's tough for us to tear
ourselves away from the lunch table.

And so, he cheerfully undertook all the very hard jobs for us
today, and we crept along behind him, in the heat. After 9 hours, 
I sent him home, watered everything down which was newly 
planted, and then dragged myself in to fix dinner. Guess where
I found Jimmie? Nice and clean out of the shower, and sound
asleep in the bed! I woke him, fed him, and then jokingly said
that if I were not so wiped out, I would take myself over to 
Friendly's for a hot fudge sundae. Now actually, I've never said
that before in my whole life, but Jim responded that it sounded like 
a great idea.. Whew, well -- we could hardly get up from the table,
but we finally made it inside to put on some clean cloz, and since
I had promised to drive, off we went. The waiter said, "Do you want
the 2-scoop, the 3-scoop, or the 5-scoop...?" BTW, we had lucked
into buy-1, get the second one at half price.. Quick as a whistle we
had our sundaes, and I could not bring myself to tell Jim the awful
news:  I cannot taste the hot fudge.   

Penny, NY zone 6