Re: [gardeners] Glory, glory

penny x stamm (
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 01:26:53 -0400

George, if Miz Anne enjoys Chinese food, she ranks very high 
on our family chart! Now just how does she accept your usual
adition of hot peppers in your cooking? 

I have one daughter who lived for more than 10 years in Chicago,
which happens to be one end of a Mexican direct highway. Every
night after work, she and her hubby would each go to the gym and 
work out, arriving home for dinner about 9:00pm. Then they would
hie themselves out night after night to the Mexican dives for a
jalapeno fix. In fact, she kept a gallon of pickled jalapenos on top 
of her fridge, for snacking. 

After one visit, I had to ask her if they were supposed to burn
just as much coming out as they had going in ....

But all good things must come to an end, and they relocated for
two years in Miami, Florida, at the University. No Mexican food. 
No pickled peppers. Rats! They went bananas looking for a
substitute. I suggested some good, hot Hunan or Sechuan Chinese
food but she scoffed, saying Ma, they're NOT the same peppers!  

When they moved to St.Louis, I carried some jalapeno plants
with me on the plane, first visit. We carefully planted them right
in the front yard, in the place of honor. I felt so good....  The next
year once again I brought the peppers with me -- and that's when 
she told me her problem:  she loved Pickled Japapeno Peppers, not
plain ones..  Since I could not find any pickled pepper plants, I
had to give it up. And she still would not eat Chinese food!

When she visits her sister in Chicagoland, they alternate between
the Korean and Mexican restaurants. Thank goodness she has
an outlet! 
So, catching the tiger by the tail, just what kind of Chinese food
does Miz Anne like...?

Penny, NY 

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