[gardeners] Holes & Black Spot

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 04 Jun 1998 11:39:48

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Good Morning Fellow Gardeners,

First, I'm posting this message on each of my gardening list because I'm
curious to hear the different solutions folks have for my problems.  Let me
add a little bit of background info.  I live in Dallas and although I've had
plants in the yard for about three years they have thrived inspite of me.  My
first year I religiously used Miracle Grow of course everything thrived,  then
I heard about organic gardening , so the second year I went cold turkey and
used no chemicals the following year, in fact I completely ignored the garden
(Mom was ill) and it did fine without me --- except for Black Spot on the
roses.  It was interesting to watch plants reappear that I had no idea where
perrennials when I planted them.

Last night I spent quit a while sweating (LOL), weeding and pulling out dead
stuff!  The heat here in dallas (about 4 straight days of 100+) is wreaking on
all living creatures.  So, while in the yard I discovered a few things.  Bad
news first ----   

Of course, my roses have black spot, I removed all the affected leafs but now
how should I treat the bush and should I cut back weak looking stems --- they
don't seem green all the way down.  Also if they thorns on a stem are brown I
assume that means that stem is dying??

But my biggest problem is something that I have never seen before.  Something
appears to be eating on everything in the garden from the roses to my mexican
heather.....there are holes in the leaves........what can this possible be???

Keep in mind I'd like non-chemical solutions.  Also what do you feed your
roses with?

Now, some good news......a couple of weeks ago my friend directly sowed some
seeds I had laying around in the garden....and now I have cute little Johnny
Jump Ups and the heat does not seem to be stressing them at all (also
curiously no holes in the leafs, maybe the bug doesn't like their
flavor...LOL) Also apparently at some point and time in my life I planted a
few daylily bulbs because I have one that has been blooming for two weeks and
two more on the way (now that i recognize the foliage) I'm sure I had more and
pulled them thinking they were weeds.  How long will the daylilly continue to
bloom?  Finally, I have several plants growing that I dont know if they are a
weed or not,  I broke off a piece to take to the nursery but it wilted so bad
in the car this morning I don't know if it they will be able to help figure
out what it is?

Being fairly new at this I'm afraid to pull things because they might be
flowers.  I have tons of stuff that has popped up, a few I dont remember the
name to, but also lantana (some yellow & some mixed colors) sweet assumlyn
(ms?) mexican heather, etc.

Can anyone identify this ground cover ---- it kinda has a heart shaped leaf,
mid-green color?

Well, thank you if you have lasted this long in this rambling message.  I look
forward to hearing from all my gardening buddies.