Re: [gardeners] Glory, glory

Jane Burdekin (
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 05:18:19 -0600

Hi Barb,
Congrats on your 38th anniversary.  For my parents it is 68 years today. 
We will take them out to dinner and then take Mom to my sons baseball game,
Daddy will want to go home by then.  Hope the rain stops here, at least it
didn't snow overnight.  Good luck with your wedding flowers, sounds like


> Penny:  your daughter should also try the food of Thailand - can be VERY
> hot. We did a year of Thai cooking in our gourmet group one year.  Toned
> down the recipes and they were still hot!
> 	 I have made an entire dinner of Hunan - very very good, but went
> on the hot stuff.  Wonder how the peppers are pickled - just with good
> vinegar?  Never made them, but I'm the only family member that likes HOT
> 	Today is our wedding anniversary - 38 years ago we tied the knot.  Still
> doing fine in spite of the fact that hubby retired end of December.  Get
> celebrate by working on wedding flowers - hope to finish in time to go
> for dinner, however.  For our anniversary present, we bought ourselves
> of those big rubbermaid storage sheds for under the deck.  Ray wants to
> all of his potting soil, etc. pots, in it, I want to store my bicycle -
> need to get it new tires etc. and start riding again!
> 	Another busy week ends of weddings - one is Sunday morning at 6:00 a.m.
> a winery 10 miles away - means I have to get up at 4:00 a.m., load up at
> 4:30 to be at winery by 5:00 or so to set up.  HOW do I get myself into
> some of these things????
> At 01:26 AM 6/4/98 -0400, you wrote:
> >George, if Miz Anne enjoys Chinese food, she ranks very high 
> >on our family chart! Now just how does she accept your usual
> >adition of hot peppers in your cooking? 
> >
> >I have one daughter who lived for more than 10 years in Chicago,
> >which happens to be one end of a Mexican direct highway. Every
> >night after work, she and her hubby would each go to the gym and 
> >work out, arriving home for dinner about 9:00pm. Then t
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