Re: [gardeners] Rain

penny x stamm (
Sat, 6 Jun 1998 20:25:35 -0400

Gee, George, that's exciting -- can the ground absorb the water after
such a long drought? 

That was a great welcome home for Miz Anne! 

We've been freezing. We were planting new bushes yesterday with
our winter snow suit jackets on, honest. What's more, with this
nutty wind, I had a head scarf and a warm neck scarf pulled on 
tightly, as well ... plus full-length jeans and work gloves! A very
oddball month of June, wouldn't you say..?

Last night some friends took us out for our anniversary, and
we went ape at a new Indian restaurant ... chicken tikka masala,
tandoori mixed grill, samosas, pakoras, lamb sag, shrimp
booma -- ah, this were paradise enough ....... I believe that we
could eat curried shoe leather and be happy. 

Penny, NY

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