Re: [gardeners] Rain

Allen and Judy Merten (
Sun, 07 Jun 1998 01:21:22 -0500

George Shirley wrote:
> Rain, rain, glorious rain fell last night and this morning. According to my
> strictly scientific rain gauge (an empty five gallon bucket left out in the
> middle of the yard) we got almost three inches last night. Some of it was
> pretty heavy rainfall but nothing appears damaged.
Hi George, 
	Glad to hear that you got rain. We did too, 1/10 of an inch. All it did
was freckle the dust. We are reaching a serious deficit. If we don't get
substantial rain fall soon the gardening season will be over for us a
couple months early. We usually have an on going garden untill mid
August and start over in late Sept. or early Oct.
	The droughty conditions are not so good for the wild animals either. We
have a wildlife habitat certificate from Texas Parks and Wildlife. We
have a pretty fair population of small animals and birds that reside
here permanently. Besides providing water we may have to feed them also.
					Happy Gardening,
					Bastrop Co.,Tx