[gardeners] squash

Allen and Judy Merten (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 00:34:06 -0500

> Hi George,
>         I read your posting about your cucuzzi and it brought back some memories from my last years at home. Dad always got his hands on some unusual plant or seeds and tried them out each year. One year it was the cucuzzi. By the end of the summer we had cucuzzi growing 30 ft. up in the trees in our back yard. They got huge and sometimes would come crashing through the limbs to the ground. We ate the smaller ones and
 boy are they delicious. Have you tried adding them to red sauce type>
dishes like spaghetti sauce? Its great.
>         I'm growing Yellow Straight Neck,Acorn,Butternut and Zuchinni. No> borers yet but some of the yellow squash got a virus that turns them a mottled green and yellow and makes them hard as a rock. I got rid of all the plants that had the virus. My garden is split into two plots on two acres. The virus has infected only one of the gardens so far so I am
> still getting yellow squash.
>         Saturday night my wife and I had a supper similar to yours. We had fresh corn on the cob,tomatos and raw yellow squash and zucchinni sliced and dipped in homemade thousand island dressing. The corn was the only thing we cooked.
>         We still have had only 1/10 inch of rain since late April. If I didn't have our washing machine water to irrigate with I don't think we would have made anything since the middle of May. My neighbor pulled up his corn and fed it to his cows. No ears to speak of just stalk.
>         Did you get your cucuzzi seeds from a catalog? If so which one? I would like to raise some next spring.
>                                         Hoping for Rain,
>                                         Allen
>                                         Bastrop Co.,Tx.
>                                         Zone 8