Re: [gardeners] Cabbage varieties

George Shirley (
Sat, 13 Jun 1998 07:43:17

At 10:10 PM 6/12/98 +0000, you wrote:
>penny x stamm <> wrote:
>> Just to join the lament chorale, I finally got some lettuce 
>> and snow peas growing. Almost everything which I had
>> planted from the NK brand of seeds did not germinate,
>When I was a kid the only seeds in town were NK and Ferry Morse.  We 
>learned after 1 attempt to only buy Ferry Morse.  I used to think it 
>was a regional thing, now I'm not so certain that's the case.
Now that's really weird, my experience has been the opposite, good results
from NK, bad results from Ferry Morse. I get a lot of free seeds for some
reason. I guess the seed fairy says lets send some seeds to that ol' guy
down in Loosyanna, and they're invariably NK seeds.