Re: [gardeners] roundup and Bunnies...

Donna Barna DeCapite (
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 10:43:07 PDT

I thought it was 1 TBSP. of Ammonium Sulfate to 1 Gallon of Roundup.  
Also, I heard if you add a little bit of dish soap, it will give the 
mixture a water-repellant effect in case it rains.  This solution killed 
my weeds in a flash!

And, a word on bunnies.  My cottontail has become a part of the family.  
We even have pictures that monitor his growth from tiny bunny to "kid" 
bunny.  He only nibbles a little here and there.  I've been putting some 
hot pepper on his favorite flowers and that seems to deter him a bit.

Zone 7

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>Cynthia, I apparently forgot to mail this message off to you.
>I have now found that if I wait an extra 2 weeks, those
>stubborn roots let go of the ground, and I can pull the whole
>thing up and out. 
>Some very helpful person has advised me to add Aluminum
>Sulfate to the Roundup solution, to speed up the chemistry. 
>I know it's available at any sizeable garden store, for I do
>have a bag of it on the shelf, already. 
>Penny, NY zone 6
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