Re: [gardeners] Home!

Catharine Vinson (
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 10:11:22 +0000

Margaret wrote:
> Am I the only dolt who has no idea why you're referring to the Costata
> Romanesco squash as "Earl Campbell"?

If memory serves (and mine rarely does), Liz dubbed it "Earl Campbell" to 
convey the size of the fruit. They looked to be as big as this 
linebacker's thighs. Immense. Solid. Capable of inflicting permanent harm 
if one is so foolish as to attempt to go through, around, over, or under 

I also 'spect that like me, Liz couldn't spell Costata Romanesco <bg>.

Catharine, hoping she got her facts straight but confident that Liz will 
correct her if not <VBG>