Re: [gardeners] Whine, Whine, Whine

George Shirley (
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 20:33:07

At 08:58 PM 6/24/98 +0000, you wrote:
>With a heat index of 108-115F (unheard of for June in Atlanta) and no sign 
>of rain or relief I gotta say that I am almost glad I wasn't able to put 
>in much of a garden this season.
>But of the few things I did get going, the worst part is that just as the 
>first crookneck squash and mid-eastern cucumbers ("Kidma"....the BEST 
>cucumber I have ever tasted and incredibly proflific) begin to be ready 
>for pickin', I catch a stomach virus and can't keep things down. PHOEEY. 
>No fair. Mother Nature is being a big meanie weanie (said with appropriate 
>pout, whine and stomp of foot).
>The Burmese okra (I am really intriqued with this) is starting to 
> less than 18" inches as promised.

Shucks Catharine, my Creole and Purple okra were bearing fruit at 12-14
inches tall and with good luck will continue to do so until they are 5 or 6
feet tall 
>And the rabbits have really enjoyed the beans....Rattlesnake, Nickel, 
>Contender, Balhones, McCasklin. I would have liked to have eaten at least 
>one, but no such luck. Ah, well. The electric fence project is on the 

How about a wabbit trap and have your beans and meat at the same time.

>Catharine, from Saints Preserve Us Roadkill Inn and Urban Farm where 
>we twang our toothpicks and drawl,  "Life Ain't Guud but It Ain't Bad 
Went out about 7 pm and harvested a few tomatoes, some okra, and a couple
of cukes, Burpee's Burpless. Put up 8 pints of winter squash today, picked
at the immature stage due to the ruthless attacks of the dreaded squash
borer. Only the Cucuzzi left and there's enough of them ready to make a big
mess of squash, onions, and garlic for tomorrow's main meal.

Come on down, when your belly is better of course, and help us with our
drought ridden garden. I promise my cooking won't aggravate whatever it is
you've got.