[gardeners] sweetcorn

Allen and Judy Merten (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 22:56:39 -0500

Hi Liz,	
	I'm several days behind on my e-mail but I thought I'd make a
suggestion on sweet corn anyway. 
	I have planted G-90 for the last 2 yrs. It is a mixed colored corn. It
has white and yellow kernels on the same ear. It has a very delicious
corn taste and is sweet but only slightly so. It has a full ear of corn
all the way to the tip as it pollinates well. Plant it in several short
rows like a block for the best pollination. Last year we had abundant
rainfall and each stalk produced 3 full ears of corn. Some of the stalks
produced 2 additional small ears that could be used for whole kernel
corn. It freezes well both on the cob and as whole kernel. It retains
its taste after freezing.
	This year we have been under drought conditions since April. Record
high temps since May. G-90 produced 2 full ears on most stalks, 1 ear on
some and nubin ears on about 10 %. I irrigated my corn with the water
from our washing machine. My neighbor planted a different variety and
did not irrigate at all. His corn crop was a complete failure.
	My Dad gardens about 40 miles away. His favorite is Guadalupe Gold, a
yellow sweet corn. I plan on trying it this coming year but will also
plant G-90 again. We also planted Silver Queen this year and were
satisfied with the results considering the conditions. Plan to try it
also next year.
						Happy Gardening,
						Bastrop Co.,Tx
						Zone 8