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George Shirley (
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 22:08:28

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>George Shirley <> wrote:
>>  Since sunspots affect communications
>> wave lengths and tend to "bend" the color spectrum
>You care to explain what you mean by "bend" the color spectrum?  
>Those of us that are dumber than bricks want to know.  Yes, both Ma 
>Pat and I want to know.
Steve Lancaster could probably explain it better than I can. Sunspots seem
to cause a bend in the color spectrum. Spectroscopy (sp?) taken a number of
years apart show a wave in the higher end of the spectrum at the same time
as sunspots are happening. Remember that I'm shooting this from memory as I
no longer subscribe to any of the scientific magazines. It's like this
---------^~^~-----. Don't remember the explanation of it but thought at the
time that it was very interesting. Been lots of research on sunspot
interference with radio waves but only some on the color spectrum. If I
remember correctly it was caused by the increased solar wave pressure of
the sunspots. Sheesh, my memory is shot.