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Sat, 27 Jun 1998 12:20:27

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>>Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 21:00:27 -0400
>>From: "Michael & Bambi Cantrell" <>
>>Subject: Re: [gardeners]Skoal
>>Or you could just do like most of the guys here do, and spit in the dirt, or
>>empty Pepsi or Budweiser can...   ;-)
> Always a pleasure to get loaded with your buddies that spit, then watch
>them try to take a good long draw off the wrong can! ;-) 
> God, can I really be missing Alaska?!
>Matt Trahan  <>
>USDA zone 8, AHS heat zone 7, Sunset zone 31, northeastern N.C.
Worse butt-whipping I ever saw occured because someone did that. Sat his
spit can next to another's guys Bud can. Guy drinking got a mouthful of
snoose and when he got through being sick whupped the other guy real bad.
No one broke it up because we felt the "mistake" was deliberate. Dipping
and chawing are nasty habits but, as a reformed smoker I can understand