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Matt Trahan (
Sun, 28 Jun 1998 00:54:16 -0400

>Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 16:54:46 -0400
>From: "Michael & Bambi Cantrell" <>
>Subject: Re: [gardeners]Skoal
>So, George, are you saying that you didn't laugh when that guy chugged the
>wrong can?  ;-)
>And Matt.  Did you chew too?!
>>> Always a pleasure to get loaded with your buddies that spit, then watch
>>>them try to take a good long draw off the wrong can! ;-) 
>>>Matt Trahan  <>

Nope, never could get into chewing, tried it a few times but it was too
messy and tasted awful. I rather let the menthol smoke fill my lungs in a
graceful cascade. ;-)

 And yes, I did laugh long and loud. The guy that took a sip out of the
wrong Bud can was the same guy spitting into it for the past 2 hours!
 He had been setting the two of them down right next to each other on his
right side, just happened to pick up the wrong one. He was so buzzed at the
time that he didn't need to be coaxed into it.
 There were about 5 of us there and we all couldn't believe he had just
done something that dumb! We were literally rolling on the floor for about
5 or 10 minutes.
 He was a good "Darwin Award" candidate in general.

 In his defense, I have to say that even after a good mouthful and
swallowing at least a good bit of it, he just hiccuped and spit it back
into the can. Then he drank a good long pull off the right can, and he was
fine. Tougher than I would be. (Or want to be! ;-))

94, humid, and spoiled by A/C from last weekend, gotta get used to working
in warm weather all over again.  waaaahh ;-)

Have fun

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