Re: [gardeners] wild life damage

penny x stamm (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 00:14:06 -0400

Barb, that's a first class heart break!  It makes a person afraid to
open the door in the morning, for a look around.. Your cats are
indoor pets, aren't they? I know that we used to get cherries on our
two big trees until we stopped having a dog.. 

Is this a new pond? Is it a new problem? And is there any
method of prevention...? I know that 15 years ago when I was 
planning my garden, I wanted a pond with goldfish and water
lilies. But I was talked out of it with the statement that the raccoons
would play fun & games with the goldfish, so I abandoned the

I settled for a hollowed-out large stone which is intended to be
a Japanese water vessel, complete with a bamboo drinking
gourd. Only problem is that then all the varmints know there is
a steady water supply for their pleasure, which attracts them to
my yard, darnit!  So I keep it empty. 

Nature has fixed it so that the animals keep one step ahead of us. 
It ain't fair!

You definitely have my condolences for your chaos. 


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