Re: [gardeners] Dante's Inferno

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 22:11:51 -0400

Oh Penny!!  This is just *too* funny!!  My children have learned some of
same lesson!  :-D
Fortunately, I grew up on a farm, and have some idea of growing conditions,
and the like, but we never had squirrels like I have here.  They know that
no one's
going to shoot them here, and they have taken over.  Last year, I promised
that I
would get some bird netting to go on the tree.  I did get the bird netting.
Next year, I promise to put it on the tree  :-)


>Well, Bambi, many years ago we envisioned creating an ideal
>back yard for the children (5 of 'em) to learn what nature and
>growing were all about
>My children learned first hand what nature and growing were
>all about. Don't muck about with Mom. She won't punish you --
>but she'll make you wish she had. It might have been less
>Sigh ...
>Penny, NY