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Seyfried,Alice (
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 09:00:01 -0400

Thanks, George!  I'll try just putting them in the oven without turning
it on. I do have a pilot light, so it's always warm in there (I just
didn't think it was warm enough to dry anything). I'd rather do it that
way than turn the oven on, even low, while I'm not home (or sleeping).
I also have  a friend who has a dehydrator that I think I'll borrow for
a little bit to see if I like it.  If so, it'll be a great idea for a
birthday present from hubby.


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> >On the topic of drying herbs... Have you ever just put them in the
> oven
> >to dry?  I am planning on drying a whole heap of oregano and purple
> >basil this year to give as Christmas gifts (thanks, George - it was
> you
> >last year that gave me this idea), but I don't have a dehydrator. I
> was
> >thinking I could just lay them on a cookie sheet, turn the oven (gas)
> on
> >as low as it will go and leave them over night.  Is that a bad idea?
> I
> >want to make sure they retain as much flavor as possible (of course).
> Does your oven have a pilot light? If so it may be warm enough without
> turning the gas on. You can successfully dry herbs in a 150 F oven but
> it
> takes a while. Alternatively you can go to Walmart and spend a few
> bucks
> for a dehydrator. Get one with a fan but, IMHO, a thermostat isn't
> necessary. Once you do you're set for many years of dehydrating. You
> can
> also hang them in a dark, dry place (attic or storeroom) to dry then
> strip
> the leaves from the stalks.
> >
> >Also, have you ever dried tomatos?  I've got 6 yellow pear tomato
> plants
> >that are just starting to bloom and I was wondering if I could dry
> them,
> >too.  I've frozen roma tomatos in the past, but this is the first
> year
> >I've grown the yellow pear, and I'd like to try something different.
> The yellow pears also freeze well. I wash them and allow to air dry,
> pack
> in quart bags and throw them in the freezer. When they are allowed to
> thaw
> completely the skins slip right off. You can split them and dry them
> either
> in the sun, the oven, or a dehydrator.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Alice in London, Ohio (zone 5b) where it looks like it's going to
> storm
> >again tonite. 
> >
> George