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ooooooooooooo, makes me want to move to Texas just to get away from the
hard, moldy things they call peaches at our local Krogers.  shluurrp,


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> Catharine wrote 
> > Ma, send her peanuts. Tell her about F'burg peaches.
> Long story: F'bg has a big old warehouse called "The Peanut Factory" 
> -- lots of peanuts used to be grown hereabouts and could be again, 
> except our productive land is getting so expensive it 
> wouldn't be economically feasible. ( And more-or-less 
> non-productive land is generally used for hunting leases. . . or as 
> one neighbor is fond of saying, "I make big bucks from my big 
> bucks.")	
> 	Which leaves F'bg's other big crop: peaches. Now Georgia is 
> known for its peaches, and they are good, but Fbg peaches are better. 
> Usually smaller because we have less rain, but their flavor knocks 
> your socks off. Picking starts in late May with the clingstones 
> (Regal, Gold Prrince, Sentinel, Gala) and works its way through the 
> semi's and freestones (Harvester, Topaz, Cary Mac, Redglobe, Loring, 
> Majestic, Denman, Redskin, Dixiland, Jefferson and Fayette) through 
> the first half of August. During that period the roadside stands and 
> "Pick Your Own" signs proliferate and the whole county smells of 
> peaches. Stonewall, our neighbor a bit east of here, has an annual 
> Peach Festival complete with floats, Queen and Her Court, some 
> serious judging, a rodeo and dance, and peaches: in cobbler, pies, 
> bread, preserves, out-of-hand (on onto chin), and peach icecream, 
> peach slurpies, peach leather (and peach stains; a big business 
> here is Clorox).
> 	Peaches don't ship well but peanuts do. The closest real peanut 
> producing is in Gorham, north of here. We'll visit there during the 
> season and send you some Liz.
> 	Cheers. Mapat