Re: [gardeners]Oriental influence

penny x stamm (
Fri, 3 Jul 1998 18:08:47 -0400

Catherine, in answer to your question if I have been influenced
by my immersion in things oriental, the answer of course is
absolutely. My assistant all those years was a Japanese business
man's wife who had no children, and whose husband travelled 
2/3rds of the year. She was an integral part of this household,
and we developed a real love for her cuisine and standards.

The Chinese, Japanese and Koreans are all totally different from
each other in training and life fulfillment. The modern Chinese whom 
I knew seemed to have no religious beliefs at all. To my surprise, 
the Japanese still retain a good part of their ancestral religious
practices, even when stationed here in the US. 

I do remember a remark made by one of my scholars: he could
not understand why, since all Westerners believe in one God, 
there should be so many religious enemies....

My house and garden, besides my choice of cuisine, reflect the
oriental influence enormously. "A mi me gustan", I am happy with
that atmosphere. I do have a so-called Japanese garden, but what
I would truly enjoy would be to have the 10 or more acres which 
are magnificently set up at the Missouri Botanical Garden, in
St.Louis. Might as well dream big...  In my next life, perhaps. 

Penny, NY

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