[gardeners] Piknik

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 04 Jul 1998 20:32:37

Just got back from the camp of our friends and had a wonderful time. No big
crowd, just 5 of their children, 2 of his, 3 of hers, the Paradocs (their
business name), Nunya their dog, me and Miz Anne and Sleepy Dawg.

First order of business was a boat ride across the lake and down the ship
channel to gas up both boats for fishing tomorrow. Sleepy got her first
boat ride and seemed to enjoy it. Her nose was twitching like crazy while
she checked out all the odors of the swamps, marshes, and just plain old
salt water.

Back at the camp we broke out the grub - whew! Doc Bonnie and Miz Anne
outdid themselves. We had pork loin cooked over the coals with a dry rub,
brisket done much the same way, grilled sausage, roasting ears, baked sweet
taters, Irish taters sliced thin and grilled with onion and carrots, couple
loaves of French bread, gazpacho, sliced tomatoes, Yellow Pear tomatoes,
sliced cukes, and, topping it all off, Key Lime pie and a pear pie Miz Anne
made with some pears I dried last year. We had iced tea and cold beverages
for everybody. Oops, almost forgot the grilled redfish fillets with
lemon/herb basting. Won't have to eat until this time tomorrow.

The most important part of the festivities was the presence of friends and
loved ones. We sat in the evening coolness on their nice porch overlooking
a junction of two canals and a large marsh pond just beyond and watched the
great white herons come in to roost across the way. Very peaceful. Up and
down the lake front you could see family groups celebrating in their own
way and enjoying life.

Hope all of you had as good a time. Gotta go watch the Boston Pops now to
top off our Fourth of July.