[gardeners] Uncle Harold Hampton-Court Beseeches Dede news of Belle

Uncle Harold Hampton-Court (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 10:18:59 +0000

My dear cousin Dede (or DeDe as the spirit moves you),

We are in receipt of your most recent post. While we are not amused, we are
not surprised.  The entertainments and gustatory experiences you describe
seem quite typical of what one expects when one is forced to eschew the
excellent provisions of Mssrs. Fortnum & Mason whilst on Holiday in a
rugged countryside.

Be that as it may, Cousin, I was disturbed that you brought us no news of
Cousin Belle Ringer. As you may know, Lady Augusta and I are quite keen on
Belle, and I plan to settle a rather nice sum upon her when the time comes
for that sort of thing. So, if you would be good enough to forward news of
Belle Ringer without delay, I would find myself forever in your debt. I
would welcome receiving news of Belle from any other members of our
extended family, as well, and you may communicate this fact to anyone of
your choosing.

Wishing you a productive Summer in your garden, I remain
Your Uncle Harold Hampton-Court (I will dispense listing my honors in
consideration of your peculiarly American ideas concerning one's place in
the world.)