Re: [gardeners] gardeners Digest V1 #237

Catharine Vinson (
Wed, 8 Jul 1998 07:33:54 +0000

Mstt wrote:

 You *may* be refering to what I know as "hardy argeritum". It's an old
standby/wild flower/weed that we grow in our garden.
 It fits your description - tall(lanky), true blue late summer/early
autumn flowering for a month or more. It grows in wet ditches along the
roadside, on our way to the beach.
 I can't honestly say if it's a self sower or it comes back from the
roots, I would hazard a guess that it comes back from the roots.
 "Hardy Argeritum" has opposite leaves that are oval and pointed and
mildly toothed and mildly textured, looks like some of the mints.
The picture looks like Hardy Ageratum (will go outside and take a look at 
mine to double check). I know it as "Eupatorium coelestinum". It's common 
as hen's teeth in Atlanta and is prolific to point of being invasive. It 
comes back from the roots with dogged determination, and a small clump of 
the stuff will take over any amount of area you choose to give it. To my 
mind, any of the skullcaps or bog sage are better "blues." 

Catharine/Atlanta, zone 7b