Re: [gardeners] heat (
Thu, 9 Jul 1998 13:08:50 +0000

Allen, thank you for your words for the cattle rancher. So many of 
our friends are getting frantic about their herds. And yes, we 
remember the good people who not only donated their Midwest hay 
but drove it down here. And Willy Nelson did a lot, too. Even our 
county people mowed and baled roadside grasses -- anything to get 
some nourishment into the animals.
	This year the only people around here who are 
happy about the weather are wine producers. They have drip irrigation 
to keep the vines alive but the grapes are getting sweeter and 
sweeter from the unremitting sun.. Should have a really first rate 
production this year. The peaches are small but the flavor is 
magnificent. The tomatoes slice up all marbled white and red because 
of irregular moisture. Personally, we are  watering 
only recently planted trees and shrubs and one plant of variegated 
morning glories from the Orient; everything else has to shift for 
	Keep thinking cool thoughts and if you are friendly with any 
Indians, ask them if they would please -- kindly -- do a rain dance.