Re: [gardeners] Digging up a rose

Gayle Fields (
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 14:27:52 -0600

Rosemary Carlson wrote:
> Question: OK, not many roots - hardly any - and the few that came up were just little hair-like things. But, ever hopeful, I stuck it in rootinghormone and in a pot I'd prepared for it.
> Have I killed it? Will it grow? Any suggestions/advice helpful - also, how
> DO rosa rugosas produce offspring??

Hi Rosemary,

I have the same rose and the same thing happened to me.  The first one I
dug up three years ago and it transplanted very well.  Bloomed the
following year.  The next time it happened I transplanted to a friend's
home.  It is doing well and is blooming this year.  This year the first
transplant had a 'baby' and I transplanted it.  It is doing well.

I am not a rose expert, I just gave them tender loving care and they
flourished.  Good luck with yours.  DO NOT LET THE SOIL AROUND DRY OUT!


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