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Thu, 23 Jul 1998 07:36:00 -0400

At 01:14 PM 21-07-98 -0600, you wrote:
>I'm seriously considering cutting my Harison's yellow rose down to the
>ground when it goes dormant.  It's very old, and the interior is old and
>full of leaves, some of which have had fungi thereon the last couple of
>years.  It would take many, many hours to trim it up, but it would be easy
>to cut it to the ground.  Well, comparatively easy.  May have to rent a
>load lugger to take the stems, canes, etc.  I'd like others' reactions to
>this, provided they really know what the Harison's yellow rose is.  It's a
>Rosa foetida, I think, similar to the Austrian copper rose.  It's primarily
>canes that rise from the ground instead of being a shrub with a trunk.  
>I don't want to kill the rose because it has sentimental value to me.  My
>grandmother, who lived on a farm in eastern Colorado, had no ornamental
>plantings in her yard, not even grass, except for the  Harison's yellow
>rose next to the door that led to the outhouse.  She watered it with
>dishwater and laundry water, and it was glorious when it bloomed in the
>spring!  What do you think?  Margaret

I cut to the ground a very buggy Damascene; this year it is back and more
healthy than it was before.  No bugs or black spot--yet.  I don't know
about Harrison's  Yellow, though.  Cut back partially?  Lucinda