Re: [gardeners] clerodendron

penny x stamm (
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 01:10:54 -0400

Pat, have not had even one minute to check out that Web
sight, so I don't know which clerodendron I grow. Have never
tried putting the plants outdoors in summer -- indoors they grow
and grow and grow, right up the macrame hangers, across the 
soffit in the kitchen, thru the fluorescent lights.......  Same thing
for my Chicago daughter, Andrea.  Yes, a puffy white flower with
red stamens, which fade after several weeks into mauve, and
remain attractive. 

While we were in Rochester last week, a 12-y-o huge, bright red
rhododendron right at my front door decided to drop dead, with 
just no notice at all. That's a heartbreaker..   Will have to dig it
up tomorrow, to see what's with the roots. Looks suddenly as if
I'll lose two P.J.M.rhodies in the long run, as well. They happen
to be very tricky to keep, and yet some people manage it. Every-
thing has had underground watering during our July drought. It's
sad, as Catharine said. 

And the strangest thing is the cucumbers: they are Burpee's
Sweet Success, and they are threaded upwards thru a steel
fence. All of them look like crook-necked green squash! Every
cuke starts to grow downwards, and then makes a sharp turn 
upwards in the middle, as if reaching for the sky! Bizarre.

Penny, NY, zone 6 

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