[gardeners] Monday

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 21:55:13

Still bery, bery hot here in SW Louisiana. Heat index hitting 105 to 108
every day, very little wind blowing, nothing to cool it off. Suddenly this
afternoon a little thunderstorm blew in, we got a decent rain for about 2
hours. No idea how much fell as Miz Anne hadn't left any buckets sitting
out in the garden. ;-) Beauty of it was that Sleepy Dawg and I went out and
danced in the rain for a bit, then decided to harvest whatever we could
find. A few chiles and some okra was about it. We sat out under the carport
for awhile and enjoyed the cool breeze that came with the rain. Anne was 10
miles away at the business meeting of her art league and said they got no
rain at all there. Funny thing these afternoon rain showers, seem to just
skip around. I'm just glad we got some natural water on the yard and gardens.

I've been laying around for 4.5 days with some sort of upper respiratory
thing. Itchy eyes, stopped up nodse, minor sinus headaches and just general
feel like something the cat drug in. May be clearing up, which is good as I
have work to do the rest of the week. Gotta make hay while the sun shines
so I'll have enough money to buy seeds, repair the greenhouse, fix the car,
feed the dog, and have some leftover for meat and beans. Still, gotta say
that life is good.