[gardeners] Wednesday garden stuff

Cynthia Mayeaux (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 06:18:48 -0400

Hi gardners,

Early morning and I have a minute before I have to rush around getting
ready for work.

I've got great birdhouse gourd vines crawling on my arbor, but will not
have any gourds.  I started too early and then couldn't get them outside in
time.  Now my neighbor...she has some awesome gourds growing.  I'm guessing
she will take pity on me and let me have one :-)

I've been having desert weather...dry, hot, no rain.  Nothing near as bad
as Texas but my yard is really suffering.  Besides all the heat and no
rain, we've been getting some very forceful hot winds whipping through.
What plants were surviving the heat and dry are being dessicated by the
winds.  I water and water and water, just to keep them alive.  I do have
things blooming, like my sunflowers, yellow daisies, lavender, daylilies,
liatris, and my annuals in the cutting garden.

I let my radishes bolt and they are forming the nicest seed pods now, and
they have made excellent supports for some of my climbing bean tendrils
that have escaped the teepee.  Speaking of beans, I picked my first mess
last night, what a thrill, I ate my very own beans....I've never grown much
in the line of veges before...so this was an exciting accomplishment for me.

It has become apparent to me that the watermelons I am growing are
canteloupe.  Not that I don't like lopes, but dang...I had my buds all set
for watermelon.  I've also got some nice ears of corn growing, now it is
just a waiting game for ripeness and who will get to it first...me or the

I rescued a few plants from the nursery last week, and haven't been able to
plant them yet...I'm just keeping them in a shady wind protected
area...this is not the time to put plants into the ground.  I've been
walking around making lists of the plants I want to move this Fall.
Eventually I'll figure out how to plan for various heights in my beds and
won't have all the short things in the back.  I never thought my Mrs.
Bradshaws would be so huge and bushy :-)  Learning about gardening is a
great pleasure.

So off to work now, that's all the news from Lake Michigan.

Cynthia (wishing for more temperate weather for everyone)

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