RE: [gardeners] Where is everyone?

Rosemary Carlson (
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 15:30:34 -0400

I'm here too! Thanks, Margaret, for asking! My home contruction is now
going very well! My house is under roof and the subcontracters start next
week with plumbing being first. The bathtubs are in! I'm excited! My
contracter estimates very late October or early November as a move-in date
- and that's fine with me! I just want to get moved before the holidays.
Once the house got started, it's really been pretty painless. I think I
must have an awfully good contracter. He consults me on everything - but we
tend to think alike, which is a good thing. He's very responsive and
available. No problems at all - except he assures me that the work will
seem to go at a snail's pace when they're doing the inside.  

So, now I get to move in the middle of a semester. YIKES! 

About gardening - I've not done much of that this summer except just
maintenance stuff on my perennial and rose beds and a small veggie garden.
My gardening focus right now is to make everything look nice so I can sell
my house. I'll have to sell it after I move - empty - due to my mother's
poor health. Isn't the holidays just a dandy time to sell a house? :( The
one thing I am doing is potting up the perennials that I want to take with
me - and I'll hope that I can plant them before frost! Don't know.....

Hope everyone on the list is well. Does anyone hear from/know about Joyce
Schillen? I haven't heard from her in forever - nor have I seen her name on
the gardening lists. I hope she's OK.

Rosemary in Lexington, KY

At 11:22 AM 8/11/98 -0600, you wrote:
>At 12:59 PM 8/11/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>Hey George,
>>I'm here!  My backyard is a huge mess!  We had a deluge where we got 5 
>>inches of rain in a very short time.  This of course was after unrelenting 
>>heat, cracking earth, etc.  My entire back yard went under water, which 
>>included my pond.  I had finally got the pond crystal clear again when we 
>>were hit by another torrential rain.  Jeez!  I have to do something about 
>>the drainage in my yard.  I have an island in the back with azaleas, daphne 
>>and trees (dogwoods, tulip poplars).  I can see exactly where the water ran 
>>when it drained.  It went around the island and settled in the very back 
>>(my pond!).  
>Sorry to hear about your flood, Myra.  Hope things have soaked in and are
>cleaned up by now.  Have you heard anything from Rosemary Carlson?  I'm
>interested in knowing how her house construction is going.  I hope things
>have speeded up after the slow start the rains forced.  Best, Margaret