RE: [gardeners] Where is everyone?

George Shirley (
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 20:22:25

At 07:05 PM 8/11/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Myra: How many inches of rain did you actually get? When I had water damage
>here in Lex, we had 4" in one hour - 8 inches in just about 3 hours. It was
>terrible - and the insurance company is still repairing the damage. Will
>your homeowner's insurance help? Check it out - mine did REALLY well. 
>Yep, I'm on this list - though not able to participate as much as I'd like
>given my hectic schedule. However, I may soon be on this list exclusively
>........considering I will probably get kicked off another gardening list
>(which will remain nameless) very soon..........:) The day my posts go
>under "review" is the day I sign off ANY list! :) :)
>Rosemary in Lexington, KY
Tsk, tsk, have you been bad again Rosemary?

My visit to the dentist came out okay, only $80.00 to repair the broken
tooth. He found a small cavity on another tooth while he was in there so
here we go again.

Checked my mirlitons today and both have sprouted and have stalks about 2
inches tall. The lageneria gourds have topped the 4-foot hurricane fence
and are starting down again. Pulled the Hawaiian Tabasco and one of the
Casabella chiles today. They just died, probably got to dry for them. The
last of the tomatoes come out tomorrow as do the crowder peas, not getting
enough crop to keep them. Besides, it's time to plant the fall garden here
in SW Louisiana. That is, if we ever have a fall.