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penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 01:38:15 -0400

Matt, never heard of the Mosquito Plant -- does it have another

We returned from a 10-day visit in hot & humid St.Louis and Chicago
to find about 6 well-established evergreens had not only died, but had
actually turned orange!  Had no rain for 6 weeks, and Florence
Nightingale wasn't here to rescue them. I'm still in shock.

> They have invested in a mile's worth of soaker hoses, so all the 
>garden beds still look good. Only thing I can say good for it, is 
more working days and it helps keep the weeds down.

I'm wondering just WHO invested in a mile's worth of soaker hoses? 
And very important, were they the black rubber soakers or the 
full Netafim plastic soakers, or a competitor? 

> God, I love spending several days a week with people who enjoy 

Where you work?

>They have put up about a gallon of salsa and we have been living off
>gespacho. Green bean salad with grated cheese, sliced olives, just a 
>hint of diced anchovies. An occational leaf of arugala (ok) or radichio
>(wonderfully bitter). The diakons are done and the malibar spinach is 
>just popping up, along with the pole beans and more basil.

Sounds like a perfect diet.... And I know I could drink a pint of ice
gespacho every single day of the year, without tiring of it.  

My hubby's a Chinaholic, when it comes to food. He eats like a horse,
4 meals a day, and it never shows. We actually take a table for four
in the Chinese restaurant, so he can order several dinners. The idea
of *just* eating gespacho and/or salad would slay him -- I guess we
are quite like Jack Sprat and his missus .... or should I say like
Jackeline Sprat and her man..? 

Penny, NY zone 6

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