Re: [gardeners] Frost!!!

Terry King (
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 14:29:32 -0600

On Mon, 17 Aug 1998 13:18:01 -0600, Margaret Lauterbach wrote:

>At 12:13 PM 8/17/98 -0600, you wrote:
>>On Mon, 17 Aug 1998 12:42:04 -0400, Cheryl & Erich Schaefer wrote:
>>>You need a Schaefer Yarn frost blanket, Terry. :-) I'm always sorry to 
>>>about early frosts. The season is too short in the north as it is, wherever
>>>it is! And this year everything has come and gone so early and so fast
>>>(e.g. only a week or two of each type of berry) that I fear autumn will 
>>>quite dull. Has anyone else heard predictions of a terrible winter to 
>>>Cheryl Schaefer
>>>Zone 5 in the fabulous Finger Lakes of NY
>>Is this a new product Cheryl or a blanket I make from your gorgeous 
>>My, what a colorful picture that makes..A garden drapped in multicolored 
>>afagans. :-D
>Weathermen did say El Nino is usually followed by La Nina which means
>unusual cold.  We're about due for our ten-year (decad-ennial?) excursion
>below 20 degrees below zero F.  Let 'er rip!  Kill off some of our insex.
>Make believers out of the people who think we have zone 7 temps.  Death 
>euonymous-es!  Margaret

I don't know but the squirrals have been very quiet.  I don't feel like our 
winter is too close but maybe it will sneak up on us.  Another weird/eerie 
thing was that our neighbor has been an infallible predicter of summer rains 
every year but this one.  Like clockwork within 3 days of his cutting his hay 
it has *always* rained, before it could be baled.  This year not one drop fell 
until the hay was baled and removed from the field!  This was at least a 
week and a half.  Truely weird! ;-Q

We've had more weasels around than usual too. FWTW.  Even had one in 
the house Saturday night.   I think the cat brought it in and let it go.  It hide 
under the kitchen sink until all the animals in the house had lost interest.  I 
then heard something move around and went into the kitchen to see him 
trying to figure out how to get back outside.  Intelligent little creature.  I 
opened the door then stood across the room and kept the cats and dogs 
away while he made his escape.