RE: [gardeners] Outsmarting Coons (not)

Seyfried,Alice (
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 09:02:33 -0400

Hey, it was worth a shot!  If she hadn't planted her corn, then there
would've been no suspense to see whose they got.  I hope she gave you
some of hers.

My in-laws had the same philosophy as you. They live right next to a
farmer's corn field and could never understand why the coons went for
their little tiny plot of sweet corn when they could have an entire
field of field corn.  I said to them several times, "would you eat
cardboard when you can have chocolate?".  Never sunk in. 


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> (he he he) Hi Alice,
> I've never been one to grow many edibles, usually just flowers for eye
> feasts.  Anyway, I thought I'd be adventuresome and grow some corn
> this
> year.  My neighbor who has battled coons for years had given up the
> fight
> and was not going to plant this year for the first time.  I begged her
> to
> plant her corn anyway.  My reasoning (you can start laughing
> hysterically
> now), I figured if she put the corn where the coons were used to
> finding
> it, maybe (just maybe), they wouldn't know about my corn and I'd get a
> few
> ears.
> Talk about living in a fantasy world.  I'm still laughing at myself.
> The
> coons have gotten most of my corn, and hers is untouched.
> Cynthia (who after 3 yrs of gardening has figured out that gardeners
> are a
> delusional lot...<vbg>)
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