[gardeners] Mail

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 14:29:32

Well, my ISP screwed us again. Got on line at 2:00 pm today. Seems the
server at the ISP lost my password. Had to wait 30 minutes on telephone
hold to talk to a techie and get my password manually changed. Looks like
iAmerica sold out to Intermedia and things are going to change drastically
toward the end of November. All of iAmerica's tech support people are being
laid off and Intermedia is going to use a contract company. Reckon I had
better look for another ISP. Drat, I've been with iAmerica 3 years and was
most happy with the service up until now.

To stick to gardening, it's raining again here. A nice, gentle rain has
been falling for the last hour. Amazingly we still don't have standing
water, all that has fallen in the last week has soaked in. It's nice not
having to water every day to keep from losing plants.

George, wet but happy