RE: [gardeners] Outsmarting Coons (not)

Seyfried,Alice (
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 16:12:08 -0400

Really???   I wonder why they never thought of that?  They've had a
garden for probably the last 40 years, and a big one at that (about 1/4
- 1/3 acre).  My father-in-law is what I would call an "expert" on
veggie gardens.  I can't imagine he didn't know.  Maybe they don't like
their corn to be "corny". 


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> >Hey, it was worth a shot!  If she hadn't planted her corn, then there
> >would've been no suspense to see whose they got.  I hope she gave you
> >some of hers.
> >
> >My in-laws had the same philosophy as you. They live right next to a
> >farmer's corn field and could never understand why the coons went for
> >their little tiny plot of sweet corn when they could have an entire
> >field of field corn.  I said to them several times, "would you eat
> >cardboard when you can have chocolate?".  Never sunk in. 
> >
> >Alice
> >
> Good Grief Alice. Tell your in-laws to get the next door field corn as
> it
> first ripens. Most of it is delicious as roasting ears at that stage.
> Not
> like the specially bred hybrid sweet corns but with a real corn
> flavor.
> George