Re: [gardeners] Frost!!!

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 06:57:00 -0600

>The difficulty is with the temperature and light. It is warmer than 45F in
>the basement  (50+) and I was concerned that they were not going to be
>dormant in higher temps and would then need light. I, too, was concerned
>about the freeze/thaw if I chose the greenhouse. What about below freezing
>in the shed where frequent thawing wouldn't be a problem. Could they take
>those conditions? I know a good deal about irises and feel like a complete
>idiot where overwintering them in pots is concerned. cheryl
Cheryl, could you sink the pots in the ground up to their rims?  At least
that would give them the same soil temp that those planted in the ground
endure.  Margaret