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George Shirley (
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 08:50:08

At 01:21 AM 8/20/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Allen & George, do you plant different things for your "winter" 
>garden from whatever you put in last spring? 

We plant some of the same things. For example, green beans do well in
spring and winter here but not in the heat of the summer. Cabbage,
broccoli, etc only do well in the winter. Radishes do well in both spring
and winter. Chard and spinach do really well only in winter but a small
spring crop is possible. We plant cukes and tomatoes to transplant in
August for harvest in fall and they will sometimes last until December if
we don't get an early frost. Our winter here in SW Louisiana is generally
January and February and sometimes not even those months get cold.

>And Allen, specifically, do you now plant cucumbers? I forgot
>to post the recipe for the Korean pickles which require young
>cukes -- and to my taste, that's almost the best pickle on this
>earth. Unfortunately, it must be eaten within 2 weeks, and is
>kept refrigerated. Cold pack. 
>Does anybody have a recipe for old fashioned sliced 
>cucumbers in sour cream?  If y'all remember, I have 15
>cucumber vines (by accident), and I've eaten so many
>single handed that my skin has turned dark green with
>barbs... I've made the Raita, and the Maste Khiar, and all
>the simple ones in the American cookbooks -- did you know
>that the difference amongst Asian cucumber recipes seems
>to be whether they add ginger, mint or turmeric...?
>Tonight I brought in a feast of bok choy, cukes, tomatoes and
>cherry tomatoes to add to some leftover Chinese dishes. My
>hubby, Jimmie, is crazy about bok choy, and it is growing like
>a picture book, to my amazement -- not even one blemish on 
>the entire head!  We have a deal that HE will cook the bok choy,
>whenever I provide it, and that's a tough pill to swallow, for altho
>he makes himself a lumberjack's breakfast every single morning, 
>he usually has two left feet in the kitchen. (Now that's a strange
>simile.......)  It was, btw, 100% successful. 

We also like Bok Choy, had a good crop last fall and I froze some of it.

>I've run in to the strangest problem:  for 21 years I have been 
>using the same brands of soy sauces -- Pearl River superior (light) 
>and mushroom (dark) (plus of course Kikkoman, Yamasa or 
>Mirukan when fixing Japanese). My latest mushroom soy bottle 
>stands 1/8th inch taller than all its predecessors, and there is no 
>possible way for it to fit into my kitchen closet shelves!  Jeesh....

I've noticed that some of the condiments we have used for years have
suddenly gotten taller containers. Looked at one and the net contents had
been reduced a couple of ounces but the container was taller and skinnier.
I guess the manufacturers don't want us to notice they are reducing the
amount and upping the price.

>Penny, NY zone 6