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Matt Trahan (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 15:16:21 -0400

>Date: Sun, 16 Aug 1998 01:38:15 -0400
>From: pennyx1@Juno.com (penny x stamm)
>Subject: [gardeners] Re: In the Garden
>Matt, never heard of the Mosquito Plant -- does it have another

 Don't remember, it's a "walmart" plant, sort of like the "flowercarpet
rose"(also a must have!). You'll find it in a 4 inch round pot at most of
the megamarts, definately Walmart and Lowes, next spring. I think Michigan
bulb advertises it in spring in newspaper ads, if you want to try them. ;-)
 Some of the claims made include "Repels mosquito's for a ten foot radius."
HA! Maybe it keeps them off itself, but thats it. Gotta crush a leaf and
rub it on you. Heck, it could be more poisonous than DEET, for all I know.
I just know it works for me.

>We returned from a 10-day visit in hot & humid St.Louis and Chicago
>to find about 6 well-established evergreens had not only died, but had
>actually turned orange!  Had no rain for 6 weeks, and Florence
>Nightingale wasn't here to rescue them. I'm still in shock.
 I would be too! That's pretty quick to reach completely dead. Sorry to
hear about it.

>> They have invested in a mile's worth of soaker hoses, so all the 
>>garden beds still look good.
>I'm wondering just WHO invested in a mile's worth of soaker hoses? 
>And very important, were they the black rubber soakers or the 
>full Netafim plastic soakers, or a competitor? 

Two older friends 80 miles west and north of me. Currently I'm spending 2,
sometimes 3, days a week there. That's why I have the garden@juno.com
address in addition to the useful one.

 Generica, Walmart, 5/8" round, black, 50' length, $9.97, replace as
needed. Their water is wonderful. We fill the pond with fish in it without
problems, just need to watch the temps. It doesn't taste like ours either!

>> God, I love spending several days a week with people who enjoy 
>Where you work?

 I work as a gardener, not too much money, but a hell of a way to spend the
day. Since they are both older, it's getting hard for them to do the pure
grunt stuff anymore. While I'm working in the yard, they'll be inside
cooking or canning, etc. And they enjoy cooking almost as much as I enjoy
eating everything they make!
 I've built them a few small brick patios, installed a small hard liner
pond, and do general gardening work. 
 Must be doing something right. :-) When Jackie's daughter in law came over
for a visit, she said (without prompting)  "Oh the yard looks wonderful!
Just like a postcard."
 Now my chest swells almost as much as my gut. ;-)

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