[gardeners] Re: Hurricanes, you ok?

Matt Trahan (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 22:09:34 -0400

At 08:29 PM 8/25/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>Hi Bambi,
>> Just checking in to say hi. Hope you're ok. I'm dragging in the tropicals,
>>and securing what I can. Hope it's not too bad.
>>Matt Trahan
>Hi Matt,
>Been thinking about you today, too.  Sure hope it goes north and misses
>all of us!!  Right now, they are saying the eye should hit landfall about 20
>miles north of us.  I hope that the approaching front bumps it out to sea
>We'll see, won't we?
>God bless all of us!

Hi George,
 Thanks for asking. :-) We should be ok here in northeastern N.C.
(Elizabeth City). As you can see from our messages above, I'm more worried
about Bambi and her family.

 We will be expecting lots of wind(bad, will probably still be up around
80-90 mph by the time it gets here) and lots of needed rain(great!).
 Most of the container plants are indoors, and a few windchimes and yard
furniture and, of course, the spoiled dogs. ;-)
 Been over to my inlaws this morning. They just moved here in January, from
eastern Massachusettes. Helped them secure a few things and told them it
will be windy and rainy and boring, but the house should be fine. "Just
stay in it!"
 There will be the usual minor to heavy flooding, most roads have a low
spot in them somewhere. Since the wind is from the east(uncommon) it will
flood the sound instead of empting it, some people will probably lose their
soundfront piers. The small waterfront shopping complex will probably flood
again. (Rebuilt 3 years ago, apparently without a required raising of the
first floor by at least a foot, local politics are 'interesting')
 Now it's just a day or two of mostly waiting for it to finish. Then I'll
be clearing branches from my clients yards for the next week. Maybe I
should wait till after Danielle?

 At least it's better than an 8.5 earthquake. :-) We do get plenty of
warning and there's a lot that you can do to prepare for it.

 I'm still on digest, so I won't see this till 12:30 tonight. Has Myra
Almer in Charlotte checked in yet? Couldn't find her address, was going to
write her this morning.

 Hope everone else is ok!

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